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Beaded Cuff Bracelet
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#B1112-01 Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Except for the sterling silver tube clasp, this bracelet is all beads.  It measures 71/2  inches around on the inside, and about 1 1/4 inches wide.  It has a natural curl to it, which makes it very comfortable to wear. 

Elegance From the Sea Necklace
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#N1212-05 Elegance From the Sea Necklace

Abalone shell combined with mother-of-pearl produces a gleaming and gorgeous bead.  The sterling silver and Swarovski crystals enhance without overwhelming.  The necklace is 26 inches long, and coordinates well with an amazing range of colors.  (I will continue to try for a better photo of this piece.)

Deep Sea Dreamer Bracelet

#B1011-01 Deep Sea Dreamer Bracelet

This 2-inch wide cuff is made of bead embroidery, where each bead is individually sewn to a backing and then mounted on a brass cuff and backed with Ultrasuede.  The beautiful face in the center is made of polymer clay, and she's surrounded by over 100 pearls and 1000 other assorted beads.  Inner measurement of the cuff is 6 inches, with one inch between the ends.

Whirly Girly Necklace
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#N0706-02 Whirly Girly Necklace

This piece has a little bit of everything in it.  Bead embroidery, bead weaving, complex stringing and silver.  The large beads and the disk in the center of the pendant are made by bead artist Joan Miller.  You'll also find pearls, Swarovski opaque crystals, and loads of other beads.  The pendant is lined with blue Ultrasuede for comfort in wearing.  It's just over 20 inches long, with another inch or so available via the adjustable clasp.

Color Galore Necklace
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#N0313-01 Color Galore Necklace

Color Galore is the only way I could describe this necklace.  The pendant is fused glass.  The bail and clasp, which I made, are oxidized sterling silver, and the beads in the multi-strands are made in the Czech Republic.  The necklace is 20 inches long.

Green Leaf on Silver
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#N0413-02 Green Leaf on Silver

This necklace features another one of Joan Tucker's porcelain cabochons.  The pattern in it suggested a leaf to me, so I created the leaf-shaped sterling silver pendant and clasp to hold it.  The chain is also sterling silver.  The piece is 19 inches long.

Ocean Jasper on Silver Necklace
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#N0813-01 Ocean Jasper on Silver Necklace

The beautiful ocean jasper in the pendant was cut by Jack Shaver, a lapidary in Las Cruces.  When I showed him how I had set his work, he mentioned that the only source of ocean jasper, a mine in Madagascar, has either closed or is about to.  Makes me very sad as this is one of my favorite stones.  Fortunately I was able to find enough to string it into this 26-inch long necklace.  The pendant, clasp and bail are oxidized sterling silver, and made by me.

Teardrop Spiral
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#N0913-03 Teardrop Spiral

This piece uses a bead weaving technique called spiral rope, which produces a strong yet supple result.  After I created the rope, I added embellishment in the form of a another spiral in between the teardrops.  It's 24 inches long.

Leaves of Porcelain
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#N0813-03 Leaves of Porcelain

This 24-inch long, dual-strand necklace features porcelain leaves and focal bead which were made by porcelain glaze wizard Joan Tucker.  One strand uses small porcelain beads that complement the leaves, and the other is woven of beads. 

Celebrate Green!
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#N0913-02 Celebrate Green!

This piece is fused glass that I set in a custom sterling silver pendant.  I used large and smaller Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads to enhance it.  It's 19 inches  long and the pendant drop is about 2 inches.  The glass cabochons were made by Karen Nan Designs.


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