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Rolled Fringe Shawl
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#APP10 Rolled Fringe Shawl

Made from a beautifully colored merino wool and silk blend, this shawl can be worn in several ways.  The rolled fringes are an integral part, created while the body is being knitted -- not added on later like most fringe.  It feels great, and is a marvelous accent to an outfit.  72 inches across the long edge, 21 inches from top down to center back.

Estonian Lace Shawl
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#APP09 Estonian Lace Shawl

This lovely piece is made of a lace yarn that is 50% tussah silk and 50% wool.  It's light as a feather, and is great for just that little bit extra around your shoulders. 

Black or White Scarf
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#APP04 Black or White Scarf

Is it black with white dots?  Or white with black dots?  You get to decide.  This fun scarf is made with a double knitting technique that produces two front sides.  It is literally two scarves in one, and the two sides are connected whenever there is a color change.  At 5 inches wide and 60 inches long it gives you lots of options for wearing it.  The white yarn is wool from Switzerland and the black yarn is an alpaca/wool blend from Peru.


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